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You are not alone…

The death of a loved one is probably the most difficult and painful time anyone can face.

I realise you may be feeling overwhelmed at having so many practical aspects to arrange, whilst trying to cope with a range of emotions.
To help ease some of your burden, I am here for you. I will be there to guide and support you in the lead up to the funeral and on the day. I hope to be the calm and caring support that you need. Please feel free to call or email me with any questions you may have.

Next steps…

Choosing Christina as your Civil Funeral Celebrant means you will have someone who is compassionate and understanding. Christina will help create a Ceremony that will respect and honour your loved one, as well as caring for the needs of those left behind.

Christina will help you pay tribute in the best possible way. She will set the right tone for you – be it a simple and quiet service or a warm and uplifting one. Christina will be mindful to capture their life in the fullest sense and in the way they would have wanted. It will also give you the opportunity to express your thoughts and feelings.

The Funeral or Celebration of Life…

Whether you’re having a funeral, memorial or celebration of life, this is a time to acknowledge your loved one’s life and passing. It’s a time to be thankful for their life, no matter how brief or how long they lived.

They will be remembered for all the many wonderful and special ways they touched you and those around them.

The time you shared with them will be reflected on in a variety of positive ways. They will be recognised for their unique personality, what they were most loved for, the contributions they made, their life history and any memories or stories you’d like shared.

It’s an opportunity to come together, share your grief and give much needed support to all those affected. The funeral can be a safe space to express your sadness and although incredibly early days, it may also begin to help place you on the first step toward some kind of healing process.

Preparing for the funeral…

Once you’ve decided you would like Christina to conduct your service, she will arrange a convenient time to meet with you so she can gather as much information from you as you are able. If you need help with providing any additional information, Christina is happy to speak to any other relatives and friends, either on the phone or via Skype.

Christina will then write a service for you to create a special Ceremony that honours their life in the fullest sense.  If you prefer, you can write the Eulogy, or Christina is very happy to write the entire service including the eulogy.

As part of the service you can choose any readings or music you would like. Having a Civil Funeral Celebrant (in contrast to a Humanist Celebrant) means you have the freedom to include any religious or spiritual readings and any hymns you wish.
Music will be dependent on the location and the crematorium. Most crematoriums have sound systems with a wide range of music to choose from. If you are considering alternative locations such as natural burial grounds then you will need to check with that specific venue of their facilities.

Christina can provide you with choices for readings or you are welcome to choose any that you feel would be most fitting. She can also make other suggestions to help you further personalise the service and will be able to go through those with you when you meet her.

If you have any questions, please do ask Christina.

Why choose a Celebrant?…

Being an independent Civil Celebrant means that you will have the freedom to let Christina help you create a service that is right for you and your loved one.

Today many people are no longer actively visiting a church or specific place of worship but still have a faith they would like acknowledged. Having a Civil Celebrant means in contrast to a Humanist Celebrant, you have the freedom to include any religious or spiritual readings or hymns if you wish.
If they did not have any specific religious beliefs then the service will still be as meaningful and appropriate for them and given in the way they would have wanted.

Along with any readings, you may also have your choice of music. Please be aware this will be dependent on the Crematorium or location. Most Crematoriums have a wide range of music for you to choose from. For other locations you may need to supply your own music and sound system.

Christina will be able to take a general history as well as gathering any lovely stories to illustrate how they touched your life. You’ll be able to include not just the facts but also the little details that mean so much. Their true nature and character will be woven into the flow of the service. Everyone will be reminded about their best qualities, achievements and the things they were most loved for, whether they were part of your world for a brief while, or for many years.

Contact Christina…

Christina Walker
Mobile: 07941 471 311
Email: info@CelebrantUK.com